Moving Day

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Meggan, after 20 years of living in the same house, decides that it is time to move from there. It\'s not that she doesn\'t like the old house anymore, just that the life circumstances are taking her to another place. She has to move to another city, because of her duties at work. The decision was tough, but Meggan believes it was the right decision for her and her career. Moving from one place to another is hard, but moving from one to another city is even harder. You have all the needed stuff here, and you think if you should transfer it to the new home, or you should buy new things, starting from the beginning, what to pack, what to take with you... But that\'s why Meggan asked her friends, Betty and Carol, to come to her place, and help her with the packing. That way, Meggan will be sure that there is someone around her that will notice things that she might forget in that rush. We could also help Meggan, so let\'s see what is going on in her apartment and make sure everything is ready for the moving out.

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