Memory street

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All of us remember those childhood friends. Some of them we remember for good things while others for the bad things and moments we had spent together. Some of them were our real friends while the others were the ones that were teasing us. However, when we grow up, we see those things from another perspective, unless those people are still part of our lives. The three friends Karen, Jessica and Patricia have been together since they were little. Today they live in different cities but their friendship has managed to survive for all those years. For this weekend, the three friends have decided to come back to their home city and to visit the street where they grew up. This street wakes up a lot of memories in the three girls. They hardly wait to see if the street looks same after those years. Is it same as in their memories or their memories are based on their own impressions? Let’s walk through the street and see what will they find there.Maybe this street will bring back our childhood memories as well.

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