Strange Light

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When we hear about some strange lights, we usually relate it to unidentified flying objects. It\'s not that UFO-s are something that happens often, just that we have seen those sights so many times in the movies that somehow it seems logical to us. However, we are still not sure what happens around Helen\'s house so let\'s take a sneak into the plot and check out the game so we could find out the truth about those strange lights.Few nights ago, Helen was a witness of a certain light that lightened the whole sky over her house. Just like that, something appeared out of nowhere and the sky became so clear... And to be even more stranger, ever since then, every night in Helen\'s house appears that unusual light that moves everywhere around the house.Helen likes to find out what is it about; what is really happening in her house and why. Is it something paranormal, is it some UFO with aliens or is there some more logical explanation of everything?! Let\'s explore everything carefully and find out what is really going on out there.

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