Christmas at Central Park

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Christmas is definitely one of the most beautiful holidays during the year. It\'s one of those holidays that remind us of the family values, bringing everyone at home. It is about a wonderful tradition that gathers everyone under the Christmas tree, making everyone happy but mostly the children who are enchanted by the wonderful Christmas stories and the personality of Santa Claus. And not to forget the amazing city decorations that turn the streets into amazing fairy tales, making them all shiny and bright. Those numerous lights, the Christmas trees, deer and angel decorations are something every enjoys, making the whole atmosphere magical.And when it comes to decorating, New Yok is definitely one of the cities all around the world that invests a lot in decoration. Everything is shiny and brightly but at the same time it is decorated with a great taste, making it acceptable for everyone. And the Central Park is definitely one of the places that looks like fairy tale with all those decorations during the New Year\'s and Christmas holidays.Sharon enjoys taking long walks all through Central park during the Christmas holidays. She is simply in love with those amazing decorations and she enjoys surprising herself by finding a new decoration, something even more inventive and beautiful. We could also take a walk through Central Park, together with Sharon and see those incredible beauties. Maybe we could pick up inspiration for decorating our homes too.

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