Easter Crafts

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And while some people are totally not interested into Easter decorations, eggs, Bunnies, and so, other people hardly wait holidays like this because they are their perfect opportunity to show their talents and creativity and make something interesting.Melisa, Virginia and Martha are three housewives and neighbors, at the same time. Every year, during the Easter holidays, they decorate their homes and yards together and they love doing that because they motivate each other to make something really perfect. The other neighbors are always impressed by their work done so they also try to do their best and make something seminal as those inspiring ladies. This year it is same, the three housewives will give their best to decorate their houses as good as they can. They are extremely creative so they will surely enjoy their job as always.However, since Easter is once in a year and all those decorations should have a proper place, each Easter Melisa, Virginia and Martha have a little problem. Namely, it sometimes happens for them to forget where did they hide the necessary Easter objects. Easter is near, so let\'s help them find the objects and start the decoration as soon as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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