Prelude to Mystery

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Crime also happens in music. It cannot be avoided, only this happens in a different form. So, we may not have stolen objects, but we have plagiarism, sheet music stealing, and even whole musical works. Furthermore, we have staged music competitions, taking performances, and, although not all of these require intervention by the authorities, some things are punishable by law. The old detective Gordon and the director of the music academy Patricia are faced with an extraordinary mission. The Academy teaches and educates new musicians, but besides that, it also has a library of many valuable musical works. And what happens in the academy, is not the least bit predictable. Namely, Patricia noticed that several valuable musical works well kept in this academy mysteriously disappeared. So, just before this information comes out in public, she asks her friend, Detective Gordon, to come and help her in her search for lost valuable musical works.Let\'s get involved in the investigation and try to help them in their search.

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