The Time Keepers

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We have all thought about time traveling, aren\'t we? The idea of going back to the past or sneaking out into the future, or maybe even having the power to act in those times, is something that excites us, that is for sure. But even though there are some things that point to the fact that maybe there is a chance for time traveling, some sketches of time machines or testimonies of supposed time travelers, still there isn\'t anything precise that proves something of this.But, we can\'t say this for Emily and Brian who are ream time travelers. Today those two are on their journey through the past with one single but very important intention to change something. Namely, there was a certain mistake made in the past that brought a huge war between two lands. Emily and Brian have to find all the objects that were a reason for the conflict.Also they should find the golden coins that were used for bribing one of the royal servants, to tell a terrible lie which initiated the war. This would be a rather interesting experience for us so let\'s see what happened in the past.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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