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The three friends Karen, Anthony and Mary are fascinated by the story about the obsessed theater that is located only few kilometers away from the city where they live. It is about a rather fantastic story, on the edge of truth and fiction, but in both ways it is something that intriguings a lot.They always wanted to know if the stories about the theater are true or not but they never went there to find out something more about it. Maybe they didn’t have enough courage...This night Karen, Anthony and Mary decided that it is time to go into the theater to explore it in details. They like to check out if it is truth that every night the ghosts are the ones thall fill the scene with their presence.Do they perform or they simply gather there and spend some time together? This sounds completely strange and unusual but according to the rumors about the theater, it should be true. The three friends are curious to find out something more and they are prepared for everything! If you are brave enough to take this challenge, let’s help the kids discover the truth about the obsessed theater.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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