Forbidden Journey

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Amanda’s father, like every other father, likes his daughter to be safe in every aspect of her living. And that’s why fathers often give some restrictions to their children, trying to keep them safe. But Amanda, this time has decided to do something, even though she has a restriction from her father. She hopes that this step is worth and that’s why she decides to take the chance.Namely, this whole situation started some time ago when Amanda was expelled from her home by the evil vampire Laura. Now Amanda is not supposed to do go in that house but she decided to do that anyway. She arrives in the home where she lived before, and she hopes that she will manage to outsmart Laura and force her to get out of the property that belonged to Manda’s family.We may also help in this situation by helping Amanda get rid of the vampire. Maybe the situation is complicated, but we will do our best. Let’s see what is going on and help Amanda complete her mission and deal with the whole situation.

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