Johnsons Bakery

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Running a family business is a great thing, but at the same time, very tricky. At first sight, you may think that working with someone you know can be just a pleasure. On the other hand, in the meanwhile, when the problems at work start appearing, you have a conflict with your business partner who is your relative at the same time. Losing your business partner can ve very difficult, but if he or she is your relative as well, it is even more complicated, that\'s for sure.Karen, together with her children - her son Steven and her daughter Mary, have decided to re-open their family bakery, named Johnsons Bakery. It was a great place where many people used to come, buying fresh and tasty pastry, but somehow the family didn\'t manage to keep their business. But today is the day. Today is the day of the re-opening of the bakery, so Karen, together with her kids, has hands full of work. They like things to be perfect for the opening, but also they wish to maintain a good reputation for their place, no matter what.

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