Grannys Bakery

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Melissa\'s grandmother, Amy, is a female entrepreneur and a true professional in her profession. She is the owner of the most famous bakery in the city, a place with tradition, recognized for its quality by all generations. Amy, in addition to knowing how to run her business well, knows that she would never be as successful if she put profit first and neglected the quality of her products. It is precisely that the quality of her pastries has made this bakery survive for so long.Melissa, on the other hand, has always wanted to learn her grandmother\'s work and learn the secrets of baking. Now she gets a chance to learn that because her grandmother has called her to help her work in the bakery. Melissa will have the opportunity to see up close how things work in the bakery, how those beautiful pastries are made, but also how they are incorrectly offered on the market,Let\'s learn the secrets of good pastries and help Melissa in her work in the bakery.

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