First Day

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When moving to a new job, some people accept the changes more easily, while for others, it takes even months for adaptation. Martha is the new teacher at St. Patrick\'s high school. It is her first day at work in this school. She is a little bit nervous because she doesn\'t know the students, and she doesn\'t know the place. Let\'s help Martha to deal with the space successfully, to find her classroom and all the other rooms where the teachers spend their time. Besides the classrooms, Martha will have to find the objects needed for today\'s classes. Martha is a real professional in her job, she is really good with kids, but as always, the adaptation to a new job can be a little bit complicated. That\'s why it will be nice if we help her find her way, but also to find the needed objects that seem to be hidden. Probably no one has hidden those objects, just that the teacher is new here, so she doesn\'t know where the things are. Let\'s see what is going on with teacher Martha and help her on her first day at work.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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