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Saying jokes is a gift, not everyone can be good in this. Thinking of riddles has the same mystery and devotion. Not everyone can be intriguing enough to think of a a smart riddle. For today game we are giving you such a provocation, a chance for you to be a riddle teller.Isn\'t there a better situation when you find your best friend from childhood time and you recall the memories of the time spent together. You will remember good things and bad as well, but that is all so normal, because when you have spent years with someone it is naturally that you share good and bad together. It is important that the good stays in the memories. After time of ten years, Veronica goes back to her middle school together with her best friend Jane. They remember the days they spent here, looking for objects that refresh their memories. Jane is the master of thinking of riddles, and decides that it is a good occasion to remember Veronica of that quality of her. She poses few riddles and now Jane has to answer all of them correctly. It\'s riddle time. Have fun!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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