The Genius Notebook

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Our own discoveries are very important and valuable but it is also very important to have a solid basis. The solid foundation is the key for further studying, for upgrading the knowledge with new things and making new, even better discoveries. That\'s why it is also very important to consult the notes and the suggestions given by the great brains, given by the persons that are experts and authorities in their field.Philip is a university professor. While he was still studying, he was researching a lot, looking for alternative answers and always trying to challenge the actual truth. That is the factor that has made him a professor, a very good professor that is highly respected by his students and his colleagues.The professor Philip has always been very curious as well so now he has challenged himself with another task. He comes to one high school, with intention to find the hidden notes that belonged to one of the greatest minds of today. It is about the great mathematician John. Philip is together with his students Rita and Edna and they will help him in his search for the notes.

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