Scary Reflections

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Paranormal activities and finding solution for them is something that always attracts the interest of Michelle and Kevin. They have quite an experience in those things so they always choose to be in the middle when someone reports that something strange is happening.This time Michelle and Kevin came into the old mysterious church that is located in one small village in the west part of the land. They were actually called by the local priest from that church. According to his states, many times at night he has noticed certain scary reflections on the church windows. That is something that the priest can\'t explain to himself, so he thinks that the church has been possessed by something. Michelle and Kevin accepted this challenge right away, so now it is time to start exploring the church and try to find something that will help them catch the trace of that \'something\' that causes those unusual reflections. This might be a great adventure for us too, so let\'s look around and see what is hiding into that church.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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