The Alchemists Tower

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Dwarfs are usually curious little creatures that children love to hear and read about. They are hard working, full of life and positive. For today game we introduce you to the little dwarf named Alfodor, who is greatly interested in the mystery of alchemy. People from all different eras love to explore new things, to look for the drink for eternal life, to look for answers wherever it is possible.Alchemy is actually very old philosophy and believing that says that you can change one substance into another. It is believed that alchemy is actually connected to magic and astrology. And the ultimate thing is actually to get to the position of making gold from any kind of metal.Alfodor is a dwarf who has one goal and that is to find the way to the tower of the alchemist. This adventurous dwarf is hoping that the famous alchemist can help him learn the alchemist\'s craft. Alfodor himself wants to become an alchemist and he is ready to any kind of danger that is behind his back, looking for the way to the alchemist\'s domicile.

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