Strange Condition

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Betty was always interested in paranormal activities. Followed by her passion, she has also read many books about it. But her passion doesn\'t stay on this level. It is that big that she has even took part in different religious rituals that were focused on expelling the devil from possessed persons.Some people wouldn\'t even think about doing something even similar to this, but Betty is so much into it that she strongly believes in everything related to this topic. Today Betty has a new case that needs to be solved. Since she knows so much about the paranormal, she will probably manage to discover what happened in this house.Namely, the whole family that lived in the house was possessed by the devil. They were doing some strange and atypical things, so they were all set into a mental institution, since everyone around them assumed that they could be danger for their complete environment and people around them Now Betty is in that place and she likes to discover if she could still sense the presence of the devil.

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