Vintage Gems

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Lisa and her brother Kenneth arrive at the house of their late grandfather Brian. Grandpa Brian was a very interesting person who liked to tell stories. Some of them were just stories, simple fiction, but there was something more in some of them. Namely, Lisa remembers about one of those stories that says that there are some valuable things hidden in grandfather Brian\'s house.It is about numerous really valuable and precious gems. However, no-one from the family believes Lisa about this story, except her brother Kenneth. That\'s why Lisa and Kenneth are in the house with only one intention - to find the hidden precious gems. They would like to search everywhere in the house, to search every possible corner and every place, so they could prove that their grandfather\'s story was true.Let\'s take a look together at the house and help Lisa and her brother find out the truth about the gems. Search carefully because Lisa and Kenneth will appreciate that and they will be very happy if they find the precious gems.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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