Lost Train

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Have you ever heard about a lost train? You may think that the trains have their own pat, they follow their own rail but it seems that it is not just like that. The rail has its own direction, and then it connects with another rail, then another rail that goes to a completely different direction and so on.So how does the train operator know where to go? Well, the train operator actually gets coordinates that direct him to the wanted destination. No one is able to remember the whole route just like that, mostly when they are driving every day and they drive to a different place.Wrong coordinates were the reason why the passenger Donald, together with hundreds other passengers are trapped in one unknown railway station. The train operator got those coordinates which were wrong so now he doesn\'t know how to continue his route. Donald likes to help in the situation so he tries to find a way how to direct the train on the right route, so they could all get to the wanted destination. Let\'s help them!

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