Special Ingredients

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Many people love to cook but their lifestyle doesn\'t allow them to do that. No, it\'s not about principle or so, simply they don\'t have enough time. Go to work from the morning until late in the evening, have some other activities after that, taking care of the kids or some own activity like sports, and they are completely tired late in the night so they choose other, faster option for their meals.Buy prepared food from the market, visit a restaurant, eat in their parents\' house... Sophia always had a wish to cook but she never had free time to dedicate to cooking completely. Somehow she managed to have more free time today, so she likes to surprise her close one with a specialty that is really complicated for preparing.For making this recipe Sophia needs some special ingredients that she bought few weeks ago. She thought that she will cook those days but she couldn\'t make it but now she doesn\'t know where she put them. let\'s help Sophia find those ingredients and make this amazing recipe for her close ones.

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