Playground of Lost Items

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When playing on the playground it sometimes happens children to lose yheir stuf but most of the times they make sure that they go back home with their things. But sometimes it happens for them to lose their things, even if they take care of them...
Margaret and her son George arrive at the children’s playground in their city. They came here often, so George could play with the other kids but something unexpected happened there the other day.
Namely, while George was playing with the other kids, suddenly stared raining and also, the wind started blowing. The rain was so heavy and the wind was that powerful that all the kids that were at the playground, left the place, leaving their toys and personal things there. The panic was that big and everyone became so scared that they didn’t think about anything else except being safe in their own homes.
Today, George came with his mother Margaret at the playground with a task to find all the lost objects. They will look for some toys, but also for some other personal belongings that should ne given to the other kids.
Let’s help in the search so the kids can be happy again, because their stuff is in their hands again.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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