Signs of Crime

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Always there are some complicated cases, cases that can’t be solved that easy, even by the greatest detectives. Maybe, the criminals were very well prepared, so they didn’t leave anything by chance, or they simply had the luck to commit a crime that is almost ‘perfect.’ Nonetheless, those cases sometimes stay open for years or even stay open forever.Detective Carl works on a case of a murder of a former police officer. The investigation goes slow and almost there are no evidences that will show who could be the murderer of the victim. Carl is a real professional and he likes to search everything at the place of the crime scene and tries to find traces and evidences everywhere. He takes one step, then another step and another, all of that in order to avoid not to notice something. He is also trying to find out certain useful signs that will help him clear up the whole case.We could act like real detectives too, by searching for those necessary signs of crime and helping detective Carl to do his job as professionally as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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