Caribbean Treasure

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It seems that looking for hidden treasures is the main job of the pirates. Sometimes, they hear about a certain treasure, sometimes they hide their own treasure... And all of those stories end up differently. Young pirate Sarah arrives on one of the Caribbean Islands. She has heard that there might be some hidden treasure in this place, and she believes those rumors are actually true. However, the rumors are only the first part of the search for hidden treasures. The next part is looking for that treasure and asks for a lot of work. She will have to search every corner of that island, every possible spot that could be a hiding place. She doesn\'t know if she will be successful in her search but she will definitely give it a try and do her best. And what pirate Sarah needs most at this moment is some help from us. Let\'s help this young pirate find what she is looking for. She will need our help since this island is huge and the vegetation here is rich. That means it won\'t be that easy to find the treasure, but we will do our best, right?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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