Wonderful Adventure

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Karen and Charles, together with their friends, planned to spend one evening on the mountain. They planned this evening for some time, hardly waiting to spend some time in the fresh air, enjoying the wonderful nature. But sometimes things are not the same as we plan. Sometimes they turn out to be better, but sometimes worse - that is something we can\'t predict completely.The friends spent the evening in the mountains, everything was as they expected until they realized that their van broke down, exactly when they planned to go home. Soon they realized that it would be best if they spend the night at the mountain, even though they were not that indifferent about the whole situation. At first Karen, Charles, and their friends felt a little bit scared about the whole situation. How can they go home? What if some animal comes to them? What if it is too cold? However, this unplanned adventure turned out to be one of the best things that have ever happened to those nature lovers. They had a chance to feel nature like never before. Let\'s see what happened to them and hos did they face everything.

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