Exotic Resort

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Teresa works in the famous Exotic Resort. This is a resort that shelters animals, and it is a place that offers them perfect conditions for living. But to achieve everything to be that perfect, Teresa faces many challenges every day. Many responsibilities need to be done so everything can function flawlessly. Only that way, the animals will be satisfied and happy, forgetting that they are not supposed to be somewhere in nature. Only that way it will be fair to keep those beautiful animals in a resort. Teresa is aware of that and that\'s why she pays a lot of attention to her job, that among others, is focused on taking care of living creatures. Let\'s see which responsibilities Teresa has every day and help her make everything on time. This way, we will learn a lot about animals, but also we will learn what is necessary to know, to run a resort like this. The place is rather big and spacious, and many animals are sheltered there, which means that the responsibilities and many.

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