Land of History

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Every land has its own history. The historians, together with the archeologists, work together, trying to define the most important moments of the history of every nation. According to those information, they locate that particular place into the world history.The history helps us find out things related to our past, but those facts and concepts help us predict our future as well. However, many times the history stays hidden or as some experts say, \'the history is written by the winners\' which means that sometimes the history could be different for the ones that have lost a war for example, and the ones that won that war.Tyler is a famous historian who believes that the mountains that are located exactly near his town, hide numerous secrets related to the history of his land. Many things are discovered, but it could be never for sure if that is everything. Tyler decides to visit that particular mountain and find out as many information as possible, in order to prove his theory about this important mountain.

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