Whispering House

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Maybe many of us love horror movies and they feel like they are prepared to face all the things that happen there, without any fear. But is that true? Are we really prepared to be characters in horror movies? We are not so sure in th...In every town there is some particular place or a house that brings fear to all people who live there. Usually it is about an old and abandoned house, full of spiders and bats, dirty and almost ruined place. People imagine all kind of stories about those places and sometimes it happens those stories to be true. That\'s what actually happened to a group of admirers of horror movies and vampire hunters who decided to enter into the house known as the whispering house.According to the stories, the vampire Remus and his partner, the vampire Nora, live in this house which is the scariest house in the city where no one has a courage to enter. The group of people could not believe to their eyes when they were \'welcomed\' by Remus and Nora. Now they have to solve few tasks if they want to leave the house alive...

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