Symbol Reader

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Even though most of the things around us seem to be obvious, many times it is useful to know to read signs and find out things that are hidden \'between the lines.\' Aside of the obvious, many things around us have a hidden meaning or are given metaphorically, so knowing something about semantics is always useful.And while some semantics is enough for our everyday life, there are people that know a lot about signs and symbols. Sarah for example, is a famous reader or ancient symbols. She, together with her fiends Steven and Emily, come in the secret forest where, according to Sarah, the famous Mayas have hidden their treasure. We don\'t know much about the Mayas, that is the truth but Sarah believes that she has managed to find the trace of something big.The location of the treasure could be discovered only if the team reads the symbols right, but there is one more thing besides that. Namely, the symbols are also hidden and they have to find them first. Let\'s see if Sarah and her friends could really find the treasure and will we be a witness of something big?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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