The Lost Novel

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No one could know for sure everything about the life of a certain artist. After their death, artists leave their work behind and except the pieces of art that are public and open for the audience, there are also some pieces that were left unfinished in their homes or finished but put on some hidden place...Maybe the people who lived with them before their death know something more about their left works but what about the artists that lived alone?! Or the ones that don\'t like to share their work before it is completely done? Tiffany is a journalist and a passionate adventurist. She always likes to find out something more about everything that seems simple.For example, today Tiffany is in the Memorial House that belongs to one very famous author of novels. Tiffany believes that exactly in that house are hidden the notes from his last book. The public believes that this book is lost many years ago but Tiffany does not agree with that. Help Tiffany find the mysterious novel that belonged to this famous author.

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