Saving Wonderland

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Wonderland is a special, magic land. That is the place where all fairies live, a place where miracles are possible. But it’s not everything that perfect in Wonderland. This amazing land is under a huge threat… It’s about the evil king Stephen who has a plan to appropriate this land and make it his own kingdom. That is something that no one from Wonderland wants to happen, so something has to be taken right away.It’s time to take action! The fairies Ava and Mia, together with the elf Eric, come to Wonderland. Their aim is to save Wonderland from total disappearing and turning it into something completely different. Our three heroes have a task to find all the objects and the golden coins that king Stephen asks from them.As the evil King said, in return, he will take off the idea of appropriating the Wonderland and making it a part of his kingdom. You may realize how serious this situation is, so let’s help the two fairies Ava and Mia, and the elf Eric, find what is needed to save Wonderland.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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