Endless Romance

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George is a very romantic person. He always looks for a way how to prepare some romantic surprise for his wife. He is one of those guys who consider that love should be improving from day to another, and that can be done only by paying real attention to the one we love and spending a lot of quality time together. And the fact that he is so romantic might not be surprising if we have in mind that George is actually an artist. He is a musician and as a matter of fact, all songs he wrote are dedicated to his wife, so you may imagine how romantic he is.Today George has rented one wonderful mountain house for a perfect romantic weekend. He hasn\'t told anything to his wife yet, and he needs some help to clean and arrange the house before his wife comes. He likes everything to be just perfect, so they could have a wonderful time together and alone. The surroundings of the house is amazing but if everything is also good inside, they will remember this weekend forever in their lives.Let\'s help George in his intention.

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