Private Museum

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Getting a new job is a good thing, but we have to admit that every beginning is hard. Getting the routine of the new job is the first thing, their adaptation to the new surroundings and when those things are passed, the joy of working what you like can begin. Frances worked in the national museum before. The job was good because she loves art and she was dedicated to her job very much, enjoying spending her days at this wonderful place. Last week, Frances received a call from one multimillionaire who offered her to take care of his private museum. This man is a passionate collector who has an enviable number of works of art in his collection. Many of these works have a really high price in the market and therefore need to be kept well. Frances accepted the job right away because it seems very interesting to her. Today, it\'s her first day at work in the private museum, she knows her job well, but the place is new. Let\'s help Frances pass the process of adaptation more quickly and start to do her job without any trouble.

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