Bakery Shop

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The famous baker Steven, together with his daughter Lauren, opens their bakery shop, again after a few months. Those few months were very hard for the famous baker who has invested his whole life in the work that he loves so much. Baking is not a work for him - it is life, it is joy, it is everything!However, the world pandemic is something that stopped many aspects of our lives. Like we are all put on ‘stand by,’ waiting for the pandemic to stop and to continue our lives, like it was before.And finally, now when it seems that the world pandemic is near to its end, many of the private businesses start working again. Steven and Laura are in the bakery shop, hardly waiting to start working. And this is such a wonderful day for Steven. The only thing that he likes to do right now, is to make wonderful rolls and to sell them to his loyal customers.The excitement that the great baker feels is so big, but before he starts, there are still a few things that need to be done. Let’s help Steven and his daughter Lauren in the grand reopening of their famous bakery shop.

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