Pirates of Honor

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Many movies and books portray pirates as really, really bad guys. Not only do they take things that don’t belong to them, but they murdered whole crews of merchant ships, burned towns, raped and tortured. Although most of the pirates are portrayed as typical pirates of thinking of only loot and being selfish, there are however some pirates which do not go after typical berries and trinkets and they put their crew before everything even themselves.Glade and her dad Harper have been pirates their entire life.But they are such pirates that are admired by the ordinary people, powerful and fearless pirates who are a symbol of proud for pirates. This is the reason why they are respectable and they are given the title - pirates of honor.They have dedicated their lives to discover the treasures robbed and hidden by the bad pirates and to bring them back to the people. That\'s what our adventure today is all about. Pirate Gibson is the exact opposite of Glade and Harper. He is evil and disrespected by everyone. He has stolen the treasure from their village. Now, they are ready to find the hidden items and defeat the bad pirate Gibson.

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