Map of Treasure Island

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Secret maps, hidden treasure, it sounds like something that we olny see in the movies but many movies are based on true stories right? Those hidden treasures really exist just that someone needs to dedicate a lot to come even close to them... The three adventurers, Paul, Susan and Karen, have found a map of a hidden treasure on the island that is only few hours away from the place where they live. As always when it comes to treasure maps, there are doubts if these maps are true and reliable, but their adventurous spirit doesn\'t let them stay calm. The three friends start their trip to the island, without any fear, willing to find out the truth about the hidden treasure island. Do you like to be a part of this adventure? Let\'s visit the island together and see if there is really hidden treasure. There is a chance that we can be a part of a big and important discovery, so let\'s start right away. Pail, Susan and Karen will really appreciate our help and they will be very happy if we find out something there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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