Priceless Treasure

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Archaeology is a very important science and its findings help us explain our past, but also to understand the situations that come as a consequence of our past. Archaeology, together with history, give us the complete picture of our past but only if the things are treated as well as they should, focusing on what is really important. And that is the work of the professionals. Only true professionals have the eye and the knowledge to figure out the real value.Judith is an archaeologist and a person that is really fond of artifacts. Harold on the other hand is a professor, history professor that knows so much about those things. Together they function perfectly, and at this moment they arrive at the city museum. Today their task is to find the 6 artifacts that have enormous value. The people from the museum have somehow missed those objects, they forgot about their true value which is actually huge or let\'s say, priceless.Judith and Harold are here to remind them about those important things, so they can treat them adequately.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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