Perfect Story

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You could not know where you will find the love of your life. It could be someone from your neighborhood; it could be someone that you\'ll meet on a holiday in some very distant country, and maybe a colleague from work. Martha comes back to the place where five years ago she met the love of her life. After a while, this person has become her husband and today they are really happy together.Today Martha\'s husband has a birthday. She likes to make him a big surprise for the day, renting the house where they met. It is about a beautiful small house near the river and they always imagined living there, in those amazing surroundings. The house is perfect, the murmuring river is also perfect, not to mention the picturesque nature that makes you feel as you are a part of a story, a perfect story.Martha has rented the house but she also likes to find all the objects that meant something for them during the years. Her idea is to tell the perfect story of their life together, using those objects. She believes that this would be the best birthday for her husband and she will make him very happy, living him this wonderful gift. Let\'s sneak around and see what is going on there, maybe Martha\'s idea could give us some inspiration too.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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