Enchanted House

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It is always wonderful and very important to escape, at least for a moment, from the daily crowds and rushes and go somewhere outdoors, to some peaceful place where nature is still untouched, where the air is not polluted by the smoke emitted by cars and the factories. It is truly a wonderful walk for Stephen and his mother Deborah. There is one special place for the two of them - Steven\'s grandmother\'s lovely little house at the end of the village. This house is located in a beautiful environment, in the most beautiful part of the village, and reminds of peace and tranquility. That\'s why Steven loves to come to this place and enjoy its beauty. But there is one more reason why he loves his grandmother\'s little house. Here are his best friends, and no, they are not his childhood friends but the two dogs, John and Max, that Stephen loves immensely. Stephen and his mother, Deborah, come to Stephen\'s grandmother\'s for the weekend. Let\'s visit their favorite house together and find out why it is so special to him and his mother, but also to meet John and Max.

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