Secret Romance

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There is always something sweet in secret romances. Some of them are forbidden but many times the partners decide to keep their relationship secret until they become sure that this relationship is the right one. In other case those secret relationships are secret because the partners consider that this way they will keep their romance safe, away from the influence of other people, especially in this cruel world where we are living. In every case, the excitement is here when it is about something secret, and this excitement is something that could spice things up.Megan is in a secret relationship with her love Christian for a very long time. They function great together and that\'s why Christian has decided to make this relationship official, by getting into marriage with her. He likes to announce everybody how much he loves her, but he likes to make everything on an original and creative way.Christian invites Megan on a romantic dinner, but the message he likes to tell her is hidden in few riddles. Megan has to answer those riddles right, so she could find out what he means.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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