Halloween Spirit

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Trick or treat! Well, now Halloween is definitely here, we are not counting days anymore! We should simply enjoy the Halloween spirit and have fun, right? That’s how Rosemary and Jack-o\'-lantern feel today, too. They are ready for Halloween, so they arrive at their Halloween shelter. That is actually the place where they come every year on Halloween to welcome the guests that come during this holiday. The house is always perfectly decorated, in Halloween style, of course.They make sure to have enough pumpkins, different lights, some black cats, some witches – dolls and so on, making sure that their house looks scary. That’s what we call Halloween spirit, right? For this holiday everyone uses his creativity for making something scary, that’s the whole point.Rosemary and Jack-o\'-lantern need to prepare the house for this year’s Halloween and they already have ideas what will they do, so you could also help them because the first guests are about to come. We are sure that you will get some treats too.

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