Big Wedding

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Many girls dream about a big wedding. They like to feel like princesses on this day because they believe that this day is the most important day in their lives, so they like everything to be just perfect. Today is the day of Maria\'s wedding. This is a very big day for her. Not just that she wishes everything to be perfect for this day, but she is also a very responsible girl that likes to keep everything in order. Maria\'s wedding will be a very big wedding, many people are invited, and that makes even more responsibilities. Maria is taking care of everything, but she is still the bride, which means she should enjoy on her wedding, not just to be organizing things. That\'s why we are here, to help Maria make everything to be organized as she has imagined. Let\'s see what is going on there and what should be done next, so everything can function well. We will leave Maria enjoy like a bride and we will do everything that is needed for an excellent wedding. Let\'s see what should be done next.

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