Charming Christmas

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Susan is very excited this year for Christmas. You may say that she is not a child, she had many Christmases before, but this year differs from the previous ones. Namely, Susan will celebrate Christmas with her fiancee for the first time, that\'s why this day is so special for her. This girl likes everything to be perfect for Christmas, and that goes for the decoration of her home too, the place where she and her fiancee will celebrate Christmas Eve. That means that she will have to spend a lot of her time and energy if she likes everything to be as she has imagined. That\'s why Susan will use some help from us for the process of decorating the home. Let\'s use our imagination and creativity and make Susan\'s house look perfect. Everything has to be made so they could feel the Christmas spirit and that is very beautiful! We are sure that you will have a lot of fun while you decorate the place and the fact that Susan will be for the first time together with her fiancee on Christmas, will motivate you even more in your work. Let\'s start.

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