Forgotten Metropolis

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Natural disasters and accidents are among the few phenomena that cannot be controlled by humans. People seem to have learned to believe in the claims that everything is in their hands, but still, nature reminds them that sometimes simply nothing can be changed. Earthquakes and floods are phenomena that still cannot be predicted or controlled. Some cities are built on earthquakes, not because people wanted to live in uncertainty, but simply because at the time when their ancestors moved there, they knew nothing about the uncertainty of that ground. Today it is not so easy for a person to decide to leave his home, so some people continue to live in such places, while some cities remain completely abandoned. Amy, Eric, and their friends arrive in someone\'s capital city in the southern province of their country. That city is now abandoned since all the big companies decided to leave this place because of the unsafe ground and the frequent earthquakes. This abandoned city is an ideal place to explore for adventurers like Amy and Eric.

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