Family Treasure

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Sometimes people know about the treasure of their ancestors but many times they know about it, but they are not aware of its real value. Usually it is like that with certain old artifacts. The ancestors maybe knew everything about a certain object, the context where it was found, its value in that certain context, how that value rises or decreases through the ages and so on.However, the successor maybe has different interests in life but he has that certain piece, without knowing what it means and keeps it in some corner or a basement. Emily and Kenneth are a brother and sister who come on the house of their grandfather. They know that the grandfather was a great collector of old valuable objects.Some of those antiquities are here and easy to find but they know that their grandfather has much more. Emily and Kenneth are here with one single intention – to find the objects because they are an important part of the family treasure. Let\'s look around and help those two find the antiquities.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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