Nightmare Tales

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From time to time, we all have strange dreams, even nightmares. The reasons for that can\'t be explained completely. It might be our subconscious telling us something, it might be something unpleasant that we experienced in our life or simply the violent show we saw on the TV. However, some dreams could really scare us and those explanations could simply be not enough for making us calmer, or finally, to make us stop dreaming that dream.Mellisa and Ryan are dreaming the same nightmare for already few months. They try to find the answer why this nightmare comes to their dreams that often but no one could explain them. they searched for some help on the internet too and it appeared that they were not alone in this. Namely.There are many people dreaming the same thing. They all dream the same house and things related with it but this time, they decided to gather on one particular place that appears in their nightmares. Together they feel stronger, so now it is time to fight their dreams and put an end to those nightmares.

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