Beloved Jewelry

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Carolyn has always been very happy because of the bracelets she got from her grandmother. The material value of these bracelets is not important at all for Carolyn. What is important to her is their sentimental value, having in mind that she always loved her grandmother very much.However, one day Carolyn realized something that shocked her very much! She is in a panic because the bracelets that are a gift from her grandmother have disappeared mysteriously.A few days ago, Carolyn was renovating her house so she may have lost her bracelets in all that chaos. On the other hand, there is a possibility that those bracelets have been stolen by someone, which makes things a little bit difficult...To avoid all the doubts, let\'s help Carolyn find the missing bracelets. First, we could start by searching the apartment and find out if they are there. Let\'s hope that we will confirm that they were lost in the process of renovation because in another case, maybe she won\'t be able to see her bracelets again.

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