The Unusual Case

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It is so disturbing when a regular dinner turns into something fatal. One regular dinner at George\'s home end up on a completely undesired and unexpected way for him. Namely, George has died by poisoning after this dinner but who has poisoned him if there wasn\'t someone with him? There is not a single trace or a fingerprint in George\'s home that could possibly belong to someone that was there during the dinner. This fact complicates the whole case because the police is helpless if there are no evidences...Dorothy and Brian are two detectives who, together with their team are sent into George\'s house with intention to find out who has poisoned him during the dinner. Since there is a lack of evidences, it seems that the whole case will get a different direction.A case that is almost regular case, becomes rather mysterious, like there was something paranormal happening during the dinner. Will the detectives be able to solve a case that involves paranormal activities? We will see very soon, and we could also help them in their job...

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