Gold seekers

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Karen and Thomas share very interesting and unusual passion. They are famous gold seekers who are really into this. They know a lot about history and they know where to look for lost gold. Sometimes it’s about actual gold and golden objects while sometimes it’s about golden coins that were lost many years ago or were hidden somewhere.The last few months, Karen and Thomas were exploring where did some stollen rare golden coins that date from the Second World War, end up. Namely, there was a famous robbery in that time. Some people entered into the home of the general Joshua and they stole his collection of old and very rare golden coins. Having all these things is mind, we could conclude that this collection is actually priceless and the two gold seekers will be very happy if they manage to find it. Karen and Thomas hope that they will finally find out where are the golden coins hidden.Let’s help Karen and Thomas get to the rare coins and find out what actually happen to them, even after so many years.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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