The Broken Statue

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People need to believe in something. There are those who are dedicated to religion, to finding bigger force in the gods. There are others who respect the religions and respect them as a tradition maybe. There are atheists as well, those who don\'t believe in anything like this, in the existence of gods and higher powers. Atheists are those are actually believe the most, they believe in nothing. But, before the religions existed, there were people that believed in higher forces, in paganism. There are tribes and people who believe in totems, in objects that they dedicate to Gods and are convinced that actually those objects protect them from bad forces.The gnome Betlin is on his way to create his biggest adventure wanting to save his village. He believes in the stories of his grand father. He tells about some statue that some time before has been situated in the center of the village. That statue isn\'t a simple one.That is the protector of his people. Betlin wants to find the parts of the broken statue so he can compose it once again and to set it in the center of the village. That way he can protect his people from all the catastrophes and bad issues.

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