Long Night

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After a long and rather hard day at work, Megan finally comes back home. While she was still on her way to her house, Megan was imagining how she will relax the whole night, take a bath, read a book or watch a movie, but once she opened the door of her apartment, she realized that this would be a long and difficult night.Namely, Megan\'s home has been robbed. Someone has entered into the house and left a complete chaos! She still doesn\'t know what did they take but it seems that they have cut the telephone cables, so she could not call the police. That way, the robbers will get enough time to escape and go far away from the crime scene, to make the police investigation harder.We hope that you will be willing to help Megan spend this long night, by finding all the necessary objects needed for that. Let\'s take a look together and search all through the house. Maybe that way we will get into the trace of the robbers too. Megan will appreciate this very much, so let\'s start and make it easier for her.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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